Footy great Barry Hall proves he’s Australia’s fittest 47-year-old with insane body transformation for boxing fight – but he’s taking a HUGE risk with his family life

Footy great Barry Hall proves he’s Australia’s fittest 47-year-old with insane body transformation for boxing fight – but he’s taking a HUGE risk with his family life
  • PublishedJuly 10, 2024

AFL legend Barry Hall has shown up in outstanding shape for his heavyweight boxing showdown with disgraced NRL star Curtis Scott – but fighting won’t be the only thing on his mind.

The 47-year-old Sydney Swans premiership winner tipped the scales at a shredded 106.28kg on Tuesday as he squared off with Scott, who came in at 94.04kgs.

Hall hasn’t fought since he was stopped by Sonny Bill Williams in 2022, but this time the former footy star says he’s prepared properly by packing on 10kg of muscle.

‘I feel great,’ he said.

‘That was one of the mistakes I made last time and it’s something that I said that if I ever did this again, I would tick all the boxes and I have. I’ve put some weight on, I’m doing the rounds at a really good pace – I’m ready to go.

‘We’ve got process in place and if I stick to it, I stop him.’

Hall’s also revealed what went wrong in his bout preparation for the fight with Williams. 

‘Against Sonny, I was only days from the fight out when everything started unravelling,’ Hall told Fox Sports Australia.

AFL legend Barry Hall (left) has packed on 10kg of muscle for boxing bout with Curtis Scott (right, pictured together at their weigh-in)

‘I lost five kilos in fight week and didn’t even eat the day of the fight. It was crazy.

‘I didn’t even have to make weight but I just couldn’t eat. I was gaunt.’

The St Kilda and Swans legend and his wife Lauren are expecting the arrival of their fourth child on Thursday – leaving Hall at risk of missing the big occasion.

Hall’s team thought about organising a private jet to get him back to Queensland immediately following the bout, but instead he will fly out on Thursday morning from Sydney.

Meanwhile, Hall’s opponent is planning on spoiling the party.

‘It’s personal, there’s a lot of feeling in this fight and I’m excited to get out there and get it done,’ Scott said.

‘I’m going for the finish – I’m coming to win, I’ve worked hard and I’m gonna knock this bloke out.’

Scott’s trainer, Brian Doyle, believes the former NRL star has more than enough power to get the job done. 

‘Curtis punches as hard as any heavyweight in Australia,’ he told Fox Sports Australia. ‘His power, it really is uncanny.

‘I’ve actually been surprised by just how hard he whacks and, during sparring, you could see the guys were taken aback with his power, speed and aggression.

‘That’s also the feedback we’ve been getting.

‘Curtis is a fighter who is in your face, wants to hit you and has real power … that’s a hard combination to deal with.’

Hall’s wife Lauren (pictured with their three children) is due to give birth to their fourth son the day after his fight with Scott

The former Swans skipper (pictured in his first professional fight against NRL great Paul Gallen)  believes he will stop Scott in the bout on Wednesday night

Scott won a premiership with Melbourne Storm in 2017 and was viewed as a potential State of Origin player, but his career was ruined by a string of off-field issues.

In 2022, he was sentenced to a 12-month community corrections order after being found guilty of three charges against his ex-girlfriend, athlete Tay-Leiha Clark, including assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault and stalk or intimidate with the intention of causing fear or physical harm.

He had been sacked by the Canberra Raiders before the assault charge, for a separate incident surrounding a nightclub altercation, although he was later cleared of any charges.

He is also in a legal battle with NSW Police over what he claims was an ‘unlawful’ arrest in 2020.

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